COVID-19 Employee
Health Check Platform

A robust solution for conducting health assessments for restaurants, hotels, retail, supermarkets, and other essential businesses. Employee safety equals guest trust.

How does the Health Check Platform work?

  • A mobile app that can record symptoms and gather a temperature check prior to entering the premises 
  • Enterprise-ready reporting capabilities and printable summary reports to instill customer confidence  
  • Can be integrated with Harri’s timekeeping system to collect PPE attestations 
  • Supports confidence and trust amongst team members

The Health Check In Action

Health Check Mobile App

  • Built into Harri Live, a native mobile app for ops teams, managers can complete symptom screenings and employee temperature checks prior to employees entering the location 
  • Ability to log symptoms results prior to the employee entering the workplace
  • Employees who do not pass the screening process are signaled to be sent home and HR is notified for awareness
employee health and safety platform covid
employee health check platform for restaurant workers

Customer-Facing Employee
Health Report

  • Easily generate and print a Health Check summary for guest facing purposes
  • Options include a unique design for display on a business front door and delivery and/or drive-thru orders

Enterprise-Ready Reporting and Tracking System

  • Robust tracking and reporting of health checks at the unit, area and enterprise level
  • Proactive alerts for above-unit managers related to failed health checks
PPE check app for restaurants
covid health check app for hospitality

PPE In-Use Image Capture

  • Employees punch into Harri’s Team Hub timekeeping system, creating a visual audit trail of PPE equipment in use
  • AI-powered object-detection determines if a mask is present at the time of clock in and produces alerts

Employee PPE Attestations

  • Employees attest to being provided PPE prior to starting their shift, complying with numerous local directives
employee health and safety app coronavirus

COVID-19 Employee Health Check State Mandates

As businesses begin to reopen, certain states are enforcing employee temperature and health screening checks. We’re here to help.

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