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Silver Plan
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$70 /post
save 10%
1 Job Post for $70/month
20 Candidate Connections
Talent Pool
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Gold Plan
Best Value
$56 /post
save 15%
3 Job Posts for $168/month
80 Candidate Connections
Talent Pool
Notes on Candidates
Platinum Plan
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$48 /post
save 20%
5 Job Posts for $240/month
120 Candidate Connections
Talent Pool
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Acquire top talent

  • Connect instantly with 100,000 talented hospitality professionals
  • Filter the Harri database to find the perfect team member for your business
  • Shortlist qualified candidates for easy mass messaging
  • Invite shortlisted candidates to apply for your open positions

Manage your applicants

  • Reduce applicant screening time by over 50% using SpeedyScreen
  • Oversee all communication between applicants and your team in one cohesive system
  • Customize your hiring process based on your specific needs
  • Organize all your hiring on a single, intuitive dashboard

Spread the word

  • Targeted emails sent to qualified candidates who match your jobs
  • Prioritized placement in bi-weekly newsletters to Harri members
  • Additional promotion through job aggregators
  • Specialized social media outreach

Words from our partners

Harri makes screening candidates SO much easier than ever before. It's helpful that most people on Harri have industry experience and are specifically looking for restaurant jobs. I plan to use Harri for all of our future hiring.

Our GMs have found great management candidates using Harri's search & connect feature without having to wait for applicants.

Hiring for our restaurant normally took a few weeks. With Harri, it only took a few days. It’s a lot easier to keep track of candidates through Harri than with email. It was also easier to communicate who was coming in to interview to my colleagues by forwarding Harri portfolios.

Using Harri was a relief and reduced the stress of hiring. Features such as ‘applicant availability’ allowed me to reduce screening time by 1 1/2 hours a day.

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