Perks & Quirks

The employees at Yellowstone Club work hard during the seasons delivering our Members with a memorable stay when they visit the Club. It’s what we pride ourselves in providing so it takes a desire to serve to the highest level every single day. We reward employees in a number of ways including health insurance, ski passes, or other fun events depending on their employment status. When you begin work at Yellowstone Club, all of the benefits will be explained in full but here is a quick look at a few of the perks & quirks we offer.


Benefits – Full-time, year round employees are offered medical, dental and vision benefits at very competitive rates. Additionally, the Club offers a 401k with Club match as well as other ancillary benefits like local discounts and complimentary shuttle passes for our commuting employees.

Ski Pass – In winter, Yellowstone Club offers employees a season ski pass to a neighboring resort via payroll deduction. Depending on the number of hours employees work, they may be eligible for partial or full reimbursement of their ski pass. If they don’t ski that much or are new to skiing and just want to get out a few days, employees may choose to forgo the season pass and take advantage of daily passes to the same resorts. The number of passes available depends on employment status.

Employee Ski Days – Since Yellowstone Club is a Member-only Club, the skiing and snowboarding is reserved for our Members and their guests. However, the Club allows employees to ski or snowboard once or twice a month during the winter season, if there is an opportunity and it doesn’t infringe on the Members’ experience. These are cherished days because there are only a few a season and employees look forward to them every month. Employees know they are never guaranteed, because our Members always come first. However, the excitement level goes up a notch in the back hallways when employees hear that an Employee Ski Day is coming up soon. We also offer free lessons with one of our accredited ski instructors on Employee Ski Days.

Employees are able to participate in some of the fun events during summer or winter season, including themed dress up-days, events or parties.


Retro Day – Our Members and employees get a kick out of looking back and finding some clothes from earlier decades. It’s one of the days employees look forward to and many go out of their way to look “authentic”. This might be from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s or the 90’s. Each decade has a “look” of its own and our employees enjoy the chance to show off their favorite decade.

Employee Appreciation Day – After the Club closes for the season in April, our employees get the opportunity to ski or snowboard at the Club. This is probably the most anticipated day of the season. Employees can bring a guest and ski the mountain or just hang out and enjoy the company of their co- workers. Food is plenty in anticipation of our featured event in the afternoon – the Pond Skim. If you’re not familiar with a pond skim, let us explain. Our talented Mountain Operations team digs a deep hole in the snow about half the size of a football field (but not quite that wide) and fills it with freezing, cold water. And we mean freezing. Then those that dare, come down the mountain on skis or a snowboard and take their turn at trying to skim across the water to the other side without “crashing” and experiencing the blast of cold water that accompanies their unsuccessful pond skim. For those that make it, it is usually followed by a huge round of applause from the audience on the sidelines.

Dummy Jump – The Dummy Jump is another anticipated event each winter. Departments work together to create a “dummy” and put him/her on skis. They then are taken up the slopes and sent down the ski hill to a jump at the end of the run. The challenge of course is to get the dummy to ski long enough that they can go over the jump and crash at the end of the run. Some crash early; others are skilled enough to make it to the bottom and over the jump which is followed by a huge applause from the crowd.

Cardboard Box Derby – There’s nothing more exciting than sliding down a hill in a cardboard box that your department has built together for the famous Cardboard Box Derby. Department teams get really into building something that has to meet strict guidelines: only cardboard, tape and paint may be used. Dressing up is a must and the costumes are a huge hit. The Cardboard Box Derby is always worth a lot of laughs!