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Reduce your risk and worry less

We Go Deep on Compliance So You Don't Have To

Compliance has become more prevalent, more onerous, and more expensive than ever before. Regulations change all the time and often with little notice causing many businesses to miss critical deadlines and requirements. Our depth of experience in compliance helps you reduce your risk so you can focus more time on your guests.

Go From Compliance Chaos to Better Business Outcomes

fair workweek compliance in nyc

Reduce Risk and Focus More On Your Guests

  • Identify gaps in labor-related processes
  • Streamline operations
  • Successfully navigate ongoing compliance regulations
  • Create a more consistent and compliant employee experience

Empower your Team with Pre-configured Compliance

  • Build schedules that are fully compliant with localized or Federal labor laws like Fair Workweek, or managing minors
  • Create accurate schedules based on historic, predictive labor demands, employee performance, and scheduling preferences
  • Fully audit compliance breaches, premium payments, and good faith documentation
  • Streamline onboarding with an online portal that automates new hire paperwork
fair workweek compliance in new york
"Compliance is no longer just for 'big' companies - it is for all companies. With so many Federal, state, and local regulations, compliance can surely be daunting. But failing to comply is not an option and ignorance is not a defense. Exemplary compliance is obtainable and Harri can help."
Wendy Harkness Chief Compliance Officer
Wendy Harkness
Chief Compliance Officer

How a Leading Sandwich Franchisee Cuts Through Compliance Complexity

A Chicago-based franchisee teamed up with Harri to help address new Fair Workweek regulations with an integrated compliance approach. Harri delivered:

  • Real-time management of good faith documentation
  • Demand forecasting
  • Violation alerting
  • Scheduling prevention engine
  • Violation auditability

"I can’t even quantify or imagine all of the soft costs it would have required to successfully keep track of something like Fair Workweek without having a system like Harri."

- Director of Operations

Harri offers the most cohesive solution on the market to support operators in navigating compliance.