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Why choose
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employee scheduling?

There’s no greater opportunity in hospitality than the schedule, and a well-planned schedule drives operational success by enabling a positive employee experience. But juggling service demands, rising labor costs, employee availability, labor compliance quickly turns staffing strategies into workforce chaos.

We believe there’s an easier, smarter way to schedule your workforce.

Data-driven, cost-effective
schedules for restaurants,
hotels, and hospitality

QSRs, fine dining restaurants, hotels, and other service-based businesses may operate very differently from one another, but all core operations revolve around the employee schedule. See how Harri helps you unlock the potential of your schedule with intelligent scheduling tools, labor analytics, and more.

Scheduling software to work
smarter, not harder

Master the art of scheduling no matter how many curveballs are thrown your way. Our intelligent scheduling platform accounts for all external and internal factors to create truly labor-efficient schedules. Automatically generate position-based, skill-based, or performance-based schedules. Build optimal shift structures that calculate predicted demand based on historic sales data, employee availability, local and federal labor laws, weather conditions, and other schedule analytics.
scheduling platform for restaurants
scheduling software for restaurants

Real-time schedule visibility
across your entire workforce

Hospitality is unpredictable and your team schedule is never set in stone. Our data-driven scheduling system paints the full picture of workforce demands. We help you adjust in real-time by displaying critical data analytics at a glance, such as labor costs per person, position-based availability, unassigned shifts, breaks, and much more. Auto-fill functionality means all locations can be staffed on-the-fly with the right team members while ensuring your business remains fully labor compliant.

Cost-efficient, hospitality employee scheduling made simple

Scaling back labor costs for restaurants, hotels, and hospitality doesn’t have to mean reducing service quality. Harri’s unparalleled scheduling tools ensure you only spend necessary labor costs without sacrificing customer service. Templated schedules, drag-and-drop schedule editing, powerful labor forecasting, demand-based schedule auto-fill, and complete payroll and POS integrations empower managers to create efficient, effective schedules based on your business’ unique HCM and labor needs. And when a schedule is ready to be published, our scheduling system will automatically alter you if labor compliance regulations are broken or if employee premium payments are accumulated so you can make necessary adjustments.
scheduling data and forecasting
labor compliant scheduling for restaurants

100% labor compliant schedules, always

We’re your partners in compliance and never leave you open to liability. Restaurants, hotels, and hospitality businesses trust Harri for our full suite of labor compliance scheduling tools. Advanced notice scheduling, overtime tracking, break requirements, tip credit pay, and minor hour restrictions are no match for Harri’s fully labor-compliant scheduling. We simplify compliance at the federal and local levels with scheduling notifications, warnings, and suggestions so your team can focus on creating an amazing customer experience no matter how many jurisdictions you operate out of.

Drive employee engagement for complete operational success

Scheduling satisfaction is a top factor in employee retention, which is why Harri helps you give every one of your team members a voice. Easily enable (and approve) employee-driven shift swaps, automatically factor in shift preferences when creating schedules, and give employees the ability to volunteer for open shifts. Mobile apps for managers and employees allow team members to communicate and engage with schedules anywhere, any time.
labor compliant scheduling tools for hospitality

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