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Intelligent Scheduling

An integrated approach to scheduling with labor and sales intelligence.

Enterprise Shift Management Take control over the shift management to define clock-in rules, flexible shifts, and employee driven swaps.
  • Define early, late, and unscheduled shift rules.
  • Enable automatic, direct, or pick-up shift functionality for employees.
Live Labor Insights View automated calculations that overlay labor costs and POS data, in real-time, to better inform optimized labor cost management.
  • Gather insights from sales, labor, and menu item analytics.
  • Compare costs in labor vs sales, average spend per customer, and customer behavior.
Wage & Hour Compliance Engine Set the max number of hours, overtime, paid, and unpaid break rules for your entire team. Monitor and define each week’s anticipated staff to ensure accurate labor compliance and costs.
  • Define spread of hours, overtime, consecutive work week dynamics, and minimum wage requirements.
Activity Based Scheduling Maximize revenues by predictively understanding the labor mix you need on a given week or day with activity based scheduling.
  • Leverage historical sales data to inform labor needed.
  • Tap into catering, reservation, weather, and geographic data to inform labor model.
  • Make adjustments as needed by dollars or percentages.