Seamless Scheduling for Restaurants & Hotels
Scheduling for restaurants just got easier. Quickly create compliant, labor-efficient employee schedules with intelligent scheduling software.
Labor-efficient Scheduling for Restaurants
Restaurant scheduling has become a full-time job. Between accommodating customer needs and navigating complex labor laws like Fair Workweek, managers have a lot on their (already full) plates.
Save time and create more effective schedules no matter how many locations or employees you manage. Harri’s restaurant scheduling software empowers managers to streamline labor management, meet customer demands, and create a better employee experience. It all starts with the schedule.
Scheduling Templates for Restaurants
Save time creating restaurant schedules with editable scheduling templates. Whether you host monthly events or have certain team setups on weekends, templates make scheduling for restaurants quick and easy.
Built-in Restaurant Compliance
Take the guesswork out of compliance. Create restaurant schedules that automatically comply with federal and local labor laws. Post a digital schedule from any device for all employees to see.
Demand and Position-based Scheduling
Take a data-driven approach to restaurant scheduling. Get scheduling suggestions based on historic sales data, employee skills, team availability, and more.
Smarter restaurant scheduling software
Ensure your restaurant is always properly staffed with the ability to adapt schedules on the fly to meet labor demands. Auto-fill shifts based on employee’s role and availability, factor in schedule shift swap requests, view breaks at a glance, set up an on-call list, and get a real-time view of labor costs as you build schedules.
Drag-and-drop restaurant schedules are easy to edit while also giving managers a real-time overview of employee availability by position. Need additional labor? Because Harri’s restaurant scheduling software accommodates multiple locations and brands, managers have the ability to borrow staff from other teams when needed.
Compliance-driven restaurant scheduling
Labor law compliance is the biggest challenge when scheduling for restaurants, which is why we built federal, state, and local labor law requirements right into our scheduling system.
Limit overtime allowance, prohibit managers from scheduling employees on non-compliant shifts, get alerts if an employee shift will incur premium payments, see when employee breaks are required by law, and more. From child labor laws and break management to Fair Workweek, Harri makes easy work of compliant scheduling for restaurants. The best part? Every schedule detail is saved in your scheduling software for an easily accessible, digital compliance trail.
Restaurant scheduling forecasting and analytics
Uncover the operational gaps within your restaurant scheduling environment. Granular schedule data allows managers to create increasingly effective, labor-efficient restaurant schedules. Understand when employee overtime was worth the cost, view employee spend-by-position, see which in-between shifts are most effective, and so much more.
Harri continuously factors in ongoing and historic scheduling data while filtering out the outliers (like random customer rushes) for highly accurate scheduling insights.